About the Company

VISTLER, zastopstva, trgovina, kooperacija, d.o.o.

Short form: Vistler d.o.o.

Administration address: Korenova cesta 5, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia
Registered office address: Korenova cesta 5, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia

VAT ID: SI41412214

Company number: 3992772000

Registered in: Ljubljana, SRG 2004/10475

Member of TZS (Slovenian Chamber of Commerce)


Contact: info@dropper-bottles.com, +386 41 602 306




All prices are in Euros and include value added tax where applicable. Prices are valid on the day of purchase i.e. moment of checkout on the dropper-bottles.com webshop. Prices are valid for the given payment methods and under the supplied terms and conditions.

Should the price of an item change during processing of an order the customer will be notified. The seller will do their very best to attempt to provide the customer a lower price or offer a mutually acceptable solution.


Information About Past Orders

Information about past orders is kept in the dropper-bottles.com webshop database. Customers can browse their past orders through the dropper-bottles.com webshop interface. 


Products on Offer

The products on offer at dropper-bottles.com are updated regularly and quickly.


Payment Methods

Ordered products can be paid for via Paypal or wire transfer directly to the Vistler account.



Shopping is carried out by the customer by adding selected items to their shopping cart. The products and quantities in the cart can be changed at any moment before final confirmation.


Registration is required to successfully place an order which is then completed in three steps:

  1. shipping method selection.
  2. payment method selection.
  3. overview and final confirmation of order.


Before final confirmation the customer can check all details of the order including price and quantity on the confirmation page. All elements of the order can be modified at this stage by clicking on the “No, I wish to change my order” button. The order is not submitted until the customer clicks on the “Yes, I confirm my order” button.


After submitting the order the customer receives a confirmation message via email. (The supplier processes receieved orders at 11 am every working day. The customer may cancel their order up to this point via email. All relevant data is made available to the customer via the supplier’s web page. After the specified time cancellation is no longer possible.)


Every working day at 11 am the supplier processes receieved orders, checks availability and confirms or rejects the order stating a valid reason. The seller reserves the right to contact the customer via their supplied telephone number. On confirming the order the supplier notifies the customer of the expected delivery time. The contract of sale of ordered products between seller and customer is irrevocably established at this point.

The contract (order) is stored in electronic form on the supplier’s servers and is made available to the customer at any moment in their user profile (My account).


Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are part of the www.dropper-bottles.com website and are intended for all its users. Only registered Vistler users who have purchased the product can submit a review or rate the product. Registered Vistler users who have not purchased the product cannot submit a review or rate the product.

Before final publication, each review or rating is reviewed and approved by a representative of Vistler d.o.o. Ratings and reviews that are offensive or do not contain information about the selected product will not be published. 

Ratings are displayed as stars, one star being the lowest rate and five stars being the highest. The average rating of each product is displayed as well (both graphically and descriptively).

Sponsored product ratings and reviews are not displayed on www.dropper-bottles.comwebsite.

In addition to a review, users can also submit a photo of their chosen product. 


By submitting a rating or a review, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use and authorizes Vistler d.o.o. to publish the review in part or in its entirety on the company’s website and other company media. Vistler d.o.o. has the right to use the content of the review for an unlimited period of time, for all purposes that are in the company’s business interest (including marketing communication). The author of the review also acknowledges the ownership of the material and economic copyrights and hereby assigns it to Vistler d.o.o. without any right of exclusivity or limitation in time.



Vistler guarantees the qualitiy of products with supplier or manufacturer warranty. Products have a warranty if this is stated on the warranty document. Warranty is valid when instructions on the warranty document are followed in conjunction with supplied invoice. The warranty period is stated on the supplied warranty document or invoice.


Warranty information is stated on the product’s presentation page. If there is no information about warranty the item is not covered by warranty or this piece of information is unknown. In the latter case the customer may contact the seller for up to date information.


In case of malfunctions resulting from incorrect use, negligence, mechanical damage and Acts of God warranty is void. Warranty claims are also null in case of visible signs of modification by an unauthorized third party, incorrect use or negligent behaviour.


According to the Consumer Protection Act the customer has the right to notify the supplier (via telephone, email or mail in which case date of drop-off is relevant for the notification deadline) of contract cancellation within 14 days of receipt if not satisfied with ordered products, without having to state reasons for doing so. The Vistler team however kindly asks customers to fill out an exchange / return form, which will make any mistakes and shortcomings easier to correct. Products must be returned no later than 30 days after the cancellation of the contract, unused and undamaged, except when damage was not caused by the customer. The only expense incurred by the consumer when returning products is the direct shipping cost. The return is deemed in time if the parcel is submitted in the required time.


The purchase price for the returned products will be wired to the customer’s bank account or be left available in store credit for successive orders. The funds will be returned no later than 15 days after receiving the returned products. 


The supplier reserves the right to refuse receipt of COD parcels or other packages not conforming to these terms & conditions.


A complaint concerning a defect

A customer can make a complaint concerning a defect for any purchased product that either has or does not have warranty.

A customer can make a complaint concerning a defect with the seller within two months after discovering the defect or within two years after the goods were received by the customer. A customer can at his or her own choice request the following: (1) to correct the defect, (2) to have the purchase amount refunded in proportion to the defect, (3) to have the goods exchanged, (4) to have the purchase amount refunded.


When exercising rights with regard to defects, the customer must provide a detailed description of the defect in the notification for the seller and enable the seller to inspect the product. If the defect is unquestionable, the seller must comply with the customer’s request as soon as possible or within eight days at the latest. If the defect is questionable, the seller must provide the customer with a written reply within eight days..


Limitation of Liability

The seller will do their best to guaratee all information published on this website is up to date and accurate. Even so product features, availability and price may change so rapidly that the seller is unable to update all information. In such a case the seller will notify the customer of any changes and allow them to cancel the order or change it for a different product.


Complaints and disputes

Vistler d.o.o. respects the current consumer protection legislation and seeks to do its best to fulfill its duty to provide an effective complaint handling system.

In case of problems customer can get in contact with Vistler d.o.o. by telephone (+386 41 602 306) or by e-mail (info@dropper-bottles.com). The complaint can be sent via info@dropper-bottles.com. The complaint processing procedure is confidential.

Vistler d.o.o. is aware that the essential characteristic of consumer disputes is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the time needed and the costs arising out of the resolution of the dispute, which is also the main obstacle for the consumer not to bring a dispute before the court. That is why we strive to do our best to resolve any disputes by mutual consent.


Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with the legal norms Vistler d.o.o. does not recognize any performer of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent to deal with a consumer dispute that the consumer could start in accordance with the Act on Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution.

Vistler d.o.o., who as a provider of goods and services, enables web shop in the territory of the EU, publishes link to the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR) on its website. The platform is available to consumers on this website: LINK

This arrangement is based on the Law On Out-Of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution, Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC (Regulation on consumer ODR).


Code of Conduct According to Electronic Commerce Market Act

The Vistler company conducts its business according to the Electronic Commerce Market Act and other regulations accepted on its basis. More information about the Electronic Commerce Market Act can be found on the website of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia.